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Our School activities span pure mathematics, applied mathematics, financial mathematics and statisticsOur graduates are in demand across all industries ranging from finance to defence and security to the health care sector.

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Take your interest in maths and learn mathematical and statistical models to analyse and forecast results in economics, finance, medicine and industrial processes from internationally recognised and engaged academic staff

Australian Mathematical Society 2018 Award for Teaching Excellence (Early Career) Awarded to Glen Wheeler

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On Tuesday the 5th of December, it was announced at the 2018 meeting for the Australian Mathematical Society that Glen Wheeler, currently a Lecturer in the School of Mathematics and Applied Statistics in the Faculty for Engineering and Information Sciences, has secured the Australian Mathematical Society 2018 Award for Teaching Excellence (Early Career). READ MORE >>

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2019 STEM camp for girls | EIS News and Events

Today concluded the successful 2019 STEM camp for girls. This event saw 60 female students, aged from 15 to 17, come together to learn more about STEM and the opportunities a career in STEM offers them. The annual camp gives high-achieving teenage girls the opportunity to get involved in hands-on activities that encourage them to ...