School of Mathematics & Applied Statistics | Awards


  • 2015 Wilcoxon Award for best practical applications paper appearing in the 2014 issues of Technometrics: Nguyen, H., Katzfuss, M., Cressie, N., and Braverman, A. (2014). Spatio-temporal data fusion for very large remote sesing datasets. Technometrics, 56, 174-185.
  • The 1993 book, "Statistics for Spatial Data, rev. edn" by Noel Cressie, was inducted into the Wiley Classics Library in 2015.


Noel Cressie awarded the Pitman Medal and the DeGroot Book Prize 


Nathan Brownlowe awarded  Early Career Award for Outstanding Contribution to Teaching and Learning  



Last reviewed: 27 July, 2018