ALTC Math & Stat Resource Project

Building leadership capacity for the development and sharing of mathematics learning resources across disciplines and universities

An ALTC Leadership for Excellence in Teaching and Learning grant (LE8-783)
Project Leader
Associate Professor Anne Porter

Phone: +61 2 4221 4058
School of Mathematics & Applied Statistics

Collaborative Partner
Antony Dekkers

Central Queensland University

About the Project

From 2008 – 2011 the University of Wollongong and Central Queensland University as its partner institution undertook an ALTC Leadership project LE8-783, Building leadership capacity in the development and sharing of mathematics learning resources across disciplines across universities’ An outcome of this grant and additional funding by the University of Wollongong Teaching and Learning grants 2008 has been the development of a Share World Collection. The resources included in the collection are peer-reviewed video resources that can be shared. All resources are licensed under creative commons (licence: Attribution-NonCommercial-Share Alike 3.0 Australia) to enable lecturers and educators to use and adapt the resources with the permission of the developers but with recognition (More about Creative Commons).  Other outcomes are documented in the full report.

Access to Resources

Access to the resources is through Content Without Borders 
Search for University of Wollongong Share World Collection.

Contribution of  Resources

If you are interested in contributing a resource to the collection you will need to contact the Project leader in the first instance for access to the required documentation.  
When you are ready to submit your resource you will need to download the set of instructions.  These include a checklist of guidelines for your resource, contribution agreement and technical specifications spreadsheet.  This document provides information about each resource.
Either email (if total less 10 Mg) or send a CD/DVD of the resource files, signed and scanned or original contribution agreement and the technical specifications spreadsheet to the Project leader.

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Last reviewed: 15 April, 2014