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Publications | 2013

M. Cloughley, K. Muttaqi, H. Du, "Damping of Low-Inertia Machine Oscillations using Takagi-Sugeno Fuzzy Stabiliser Tuned by Genetic Algorithm Optimisation to Improve System Stability",  IET Generation, Transmission and Distribution, 2013, To Appear.

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L. Meegahapola, B. Fox, T. Littler, D. Flynn, Multi-Objective Reactive Power Support from Wind Farms for Network Performance Enhancement, International Transactions on Electrical Energy Systems (Previously European Transactions on Electrical Power), vol. 23, no. 1, pp. 135-150, Jan. 2013.

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L.C Tran, A. Mertins, T. A Wysocki,, Unitary Differential Space-time-Frequency Codes for MB-OFDM Wireless Communications, IEEE Transactions on Wireless Communications, 2013.  To Appear.

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Md Jan ALAM, Kashem Muttaqi and Danny Sutanto, Mitigation of Rooftop Solar PV Impacts and Evening Peak Support by Managing Available Capacity of Distributed Energy Storage Systems, IEEE Transactions on Power Systems, To Appear.

Md. Abu Abdullah, Ashish Agalagaonkar, Kashem Muttaqi, Probabilistic Load Flow Incorporating Correlation between Time-Varying Electricity Demand and Renewable Power Generation, Journal of Renewable Energy Vol. 55, Pages 532543, July 2013.

S. Qazi, R. Raad, Y. Mu and W. Susilo, Securing DSR Against Wormhole Attacks in Multi-Rate Ad Hoc Networks, Journal of Networks and Computer Applications, 36(2), p582-592, 2013.

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D. Zhao, K-W Chin and R. Raad.  Minimizing Broadcast Latency and Redundancy in Asynchronous Wireless Sensor Networks, Springer Wireless Networks, 2013.  To Appear.

M. D'Souza, T. Wark, M. Karunanithi and M. Ros, Evaluation of Real-Time People Tracking for Indoor Environments Using Ubiquitous Motion Sensors and Limited Wireless Network Infrastructure, Elsevier Pervasive and Mobile Computing, 2013. To Appear.

M. Ros, M. D'Souza, A. Postula and I. MacColl, Wireless Outdoor Personal Area Network Using Adaptive Inquiry Scanning for Location Based Services, Springer Personal and Ubiquitous Computing, 17(2), p387-398, 2013.

S. R Pulikanti, G. Konstantinou and V. G. Agelidis, Hybrid Seven Level Cascaded Active Neutral Point Clamped Based Multi-Level Converter under SHE-PWM, IEEE Transactions on Industrial Electronics, 60(11), p4794-4804, Nov., 2013. 

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M. Jan E Alam, K. Muttaqi and D. Sutanto, A SAX-based Advanced Computational Tool for Assessment of Clustered Rooftop Solar PV Impacts on LV and MV Networks in Smart Grid, IEEE Transactions on Smart Grid, 2012. To Appear.

P. Premaratne, S. Ajaz and M. Premaratne, Hand Gesture Tracking and Recognition System Using Lucas-Kanade Algorithms for Control of Consumer Electronics, Neurocomputing Journal, 116(20), p242-249, Sep., 2013. 

P. Premaratne and M. Premaratne. Image Matching Using Moment Invariants, Neurocomputing Journal, 2013.  To Appear.

Last reviewed: 29 October, 2013