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School of Electrical, Computer & Telecommunications Research

The School of Electrical, Computer and Telecommunications Engineering (SECTE) is a leading research intensive unit involved in two research strengths: Information and Communication Technology Research (ICTR) and Engineering Manufacturing (EM). Research areas include intelligent mechatronics, power quality and reliability, emerging networks and applications, visual and audio signal processing, and optoelectronic signal processing.


Australian Power Quality and Reliability CentreAustralian Power Quality & Reliability Centre

The Australian Power Quality & Reliability Centre (APQRC) is a centre of excellence for research, education and consulting in distribution and transmission system power quality, reliability and renewable energy systems. APQRC was established in 1996 as Australia's first Power Quality Centre. Since then industry funding has continued to support the Centre, contributing more than $4 million of sponsorship over the past 17 years. The focus of APQRC is to work in conjunction with industry to improve the quality and reliability of electricity supply for the benefit of all consumers.


Our Research

Australian Power Quality & Reliability Centre

Advanced Manufacturing Technologies

 Sustainable Buildings Research Centre 

Signals, Information and Communications Research Institute (SICOM)

comprising subgroups:

  • Centre for Advanced Multimedia Research (CAMR)
  • Centre for Signal and Information Processing (CSIP)
  • Centre for Emerging Networks and Applications (ENA)
  • Signal Processing for Instrumentation and Communications Research Laboratory (SPICR)
  • Wireless Technologies Laboratory (WTL)
Last reviewed: 30 January, 2019