Summer Scholarships

Summer Research Scholarships | Engineering & Information Sciences

The Faculty of Engineering and Information Sciences is offering several Summer Research Scholarships over the Summer Session vacation break.

Summer Scholarships - Engineering and Information Sciences

  • Offers exciting and novel research for up to 10 weeks during the Summer vacation 
  • Can be counted towards your 12 week compulsory Professional Experience (subject to approval)
  • Pays a tax-free stipend of $500 per week (total maximum scholarship of $5,000) are available in all areas of engineering, physics and information sciences research excellence
Essential Criteria
  • Currently enrolled full-time in a Faculty of Engineering and Information Sciences undergraduate degree
  • Have achieved a WAM of 80 in the preceding Autumn Session
Important Information

The 2018/19 Summer Research Scholarships applications are now closed


Last reviewed: 23 October, 2018