Research Overview

Research Overview and Direction

The future research challenges in engineering asset management include life cycle management of assets including incorporating all practically available data into an integrated decision support system, developing asset management support decision models to enhance trade off among the alternative options, establishing a systematic way for maintenance program development, and incorporating life-cycle cost and risk assessment techniques informed by predicted performance into the overall asset management system of organisations; application of systems engineering methods to large and complicated systems; fault diagnostics & prognostics; condition based maintenance and operation with statistical/stochastic models development for condition prediction and management modelling; system dynamics simulation and modelling with application to large and complicated systems including wind farm, Smart Grid and energy storage system.

Research Directions

  • Life Cycle Management of Assets
  • Application of Systems Engineering Methods to Large and Complicated Systems
  • Fault Diagnostics & Prognostics
  • Optimizing Asset Management Practice
  • Statistical and Stochastic Models Development for Condition Prediction
  • Systems Dynamics Simulation Modelling
  • Asset Data Management for Decision Making
  • Asset Management Support Frameworks and Models
  • Life Cycle Cost and Risk Management Models
Last reviewed: 3 September, 2018