Research Projects

Engineering Asset Management Research

Current Research Projects
  • Prediction-Based Decision Support Framework for Energy Pipelines (EPCRC project, 2015 ~ 2018)
  • Pipeline Operational Life Prediction by Neural Networks (EPCRC project, 2013 ~ 2015)
  • Benchmarking Pipeline Corrosion for Life Prediction (EPCRC project, completed)
  • Predicting Service Potential of Railway Bridge (Railway CRC project, completed)
  • Improved Railway Noise Management (Railway CRC project, completed)
  • Railway Noise Reduction (Railway CRC project, completed)
  • Integration of Condition Monitoring Data into Railway Asset Management
Research Project Proposals Developed
  • A System for Condition Based Operation of Wind Turbines (DP160104798, under review)
  • Integration of Condition Monitoring Data into Railway Asset Management (ARC linkage project proposal)
  • Benchmarking Energy Pipeline Risk Focused on Integrity Management (EPCRC project, will be put into next round of panel review in 2015)
Research Direction and Industry Collaboration
  • Life Cycle Management of Assets
  • Application of Systems Engineering Methods to Large and Complicated Systems
  • Fault Diagnostics & Prognostics
  • Optimizing Asset Management Practice
  • Statistical/Stochastic Models Development for Condition Prediction and System Dynamics Simulation Modelling
  • Asset Data Management for Decision Making
  • Asset Management Support Frameworks and Models
  • Life Cycle Cost and Risk Management Models
Last reviewed: 3 September, 2018