Engineering Asset Management Research Group


The Engineering Asset Management Group at the University of Wollongong (UOW) provides leading research that supports a unique postgraduate education program. Our research outcomes deliver to key Australian industries methods of sustaining their strategically significant infrastructure cost effectively. The group members are actively engaged in a number of fundamental and applied research projects in collaboration across the world with industries in various areas of railways, energy pipeline, steel industry, utilities, wind turbines and SMART Grid. This research covers all aspects of engineering asset management from component life analysis and system reliability engineering and maintenance program development to management system structure and performance measurement and management. Our objective is to drive scientific approaches to engineering asset management by focusing on achieving outcomes for industry.

This group has developed very strong expertise in systems engineering and engineering asset management in terms of modelling, methods and decision making which covers statistical data modelling, reliability engineering, condition prediction, diagnosis and prognostics, process simulation and optimisation. The group has real practices in research for railway, energy pipelines and wind energy industry. These include a range of activities from reviewing current management practices associated with asset management to specific development and application of reliability analysis to asset management decisions including: remaining life determination; maintenance program decision processes and decision support systems; and replacement decision processes and associated decision models. Asset management systems are concerned with the planning and control of all asset-related activities and their relationships to ensure that asset performance meets the intended competitive strategy of the organisation. All aspects related to asset life cycle activities from concept to disposal are crucial to the success of an organisation. These activities are naturally both interdisciplinary and interrelated.


  • To be a well-known and competitive research group providing the long term education and research needs of industry.


  • To provide industry and society to sustain the infrastructure assets required to achieve a safe liveable and economically viable environment.
  • To drive a scientific approach to engineering asset management focused on achieving outcomes for industry.
Last reviewed: 3 September, 2018