Collaborating with Industry Partners

The University of Wollongong’s Faculty of Engineering and Information Sciences is committed to strong links with industry that deliver mutually beneficial and innovative outcomes.

Companies from around the world have made substantial investments in the Faculty by sponsoring research, licensing technologies, supporting students through scholarships, providing industry projects, guest lecturing and so much more.

Partnerships with industry help modernise teaching and learning by fostering an exchange of ideas and developing people with the skills and competencies needed as new innovations transform markets and industries.

It is our goal to enhance and build strategic partnerships between the Faculty and industry to deliver real-world solutions.

Benefits to Industry
Industry engagement helps companies advance their Research and Development efforts and build capability of staff by connecting them with the Faculty of Engineering and Information Sciences’ ground-breaking research activities. 
Industry partners of the Faculty can:     
  • Access potentially comprehensive and cost-effective solutions for industry problems 
  • Access training opportunities and Continuing Professional Development (CPD) modules for staff development 
  • Influence direction of research through industry co-funded Professorial Chairs, and Honorary Fellowships and student research projects
  • Leverage up to four times their cash contribution in commonwealth funds
  • Access opportunities to our high-performing students for graduate recruitment
  • Access Research and Development tax concessions.
Benefits to the University and Students

Our valuable partnerships with industry help drive the Faculty’s research excellence and deliver solutions to current industry challenges. 

These partnerships provide: 
  • Opportunities for staff to increase their knowledge of application and industry-based practices
  • Opportunities for current students to engage with real-world problems and develop their skills in particular areas currently in demand by industry
  • Synergies that improve knowledge transfer between theory and application-based research
  • Financial or in-kind support to ensure that our infrastructure, laboratories, equipment, and industry capability remain up-to-date and relevant to industry’s needs
  • Financial or in-kind support to maintain Faculty staff and technical capability relevant to industry’s needs
  • An interface between staff and industry ensuring that staff, and therefore their expertise and teaching, are enriched by current industry practice and industry best practice. 


Last reviewed: 10 February, 2016