GRE Student Testimonials

“The mentoring and supervision provided by my supervisors Prof Buddhima Indraratna (Faculty of Engineering) and Prof John Morrison (Faculty of Environment) was first rate – both from a technical perspective but also on the best way to structure and execute a complex research program.”

Dr Bruce Blunden, Niche Environment and Heritage

“My PhD work carried out in the facilities of UOW was at the forefront of this rail technological research. The importance of this research has recently been recognized by the Federal Government with the awarding of 2017 Australian Research Council (ARC) Linkage project: Mud Pumping in Heavy Haul Railroads – Assessment and Control. The Federal fund, in partnership with both academia and industry, will support cutting edge research and provide valuable training for professionals as well as quantifiable geotechnical outcomes that benefit business and the wider community.”

Dr Dominic Trani, Coffey Geotechnics - Tetra Tech Company

“UOW GRE Centre and Rock Mechanics lab had everything I wanted with excellent Technical expertise in house who could make anything you wanted. Thankful to excellent research culture at UOW, innovative research guidance backed by excellent technical staff and research facilities made my journey pleasurable shaping my career with multiple skills as an Academic, Consultant and Operational Engineer.”

Dr Senaka Welideniya, Evolution Mining

“Buddhima Indraratna’s dedication to and passion for Geotechnical Engineering research inspired me to consider becoming an academic. Thus after working several years in Civil-Geotechnical Engineering industry, I decided to come back to University. I truly believe the extraordinary opportunities provided me to further develop my technical and social skills have played a significant role in my success in the career.”

A/Prof Behzad Fatahi, University of Technology Sydney

“In terms of mentoring, Prof Indraratna has demonstrated and honed a talent for development of students. He has grown an ability for great insight for his students needs and motivations, which has helped him provide well targeted mentoring to his research group. He has continuously provided his students with a clear-sightedness and enthusiasm for their research which acts as a strong source of inspiration and encouragement. He has also shown an ability to identify areas of growth for his sizeable team and to enable them to attain their potential.”

Dr Jeff Price, SRK Consulting

“I value the time I spent doing my PhD at UOW immensely. The skills, knowledge and tenacity I learnt during the inevitable ups and downs of postgraduate research work have stood me in good stead for my post PhD roles in industry and academia. I am grateful for my ongoing relationship with UOW.”

Dr Rohan Walker, Coffey Geotechnics - Tetra Tech Company

“Dr Vinod, immensely guided and provided me with pertinent advice and encouragement. He was instrumental in the development of a robust mathematical model for predicting swell behaviour in Lignosulfonate treated expansive soil. In addition, Dr Vinod, contributed significantly during our regular progress meetings on how best to set targets for various research tasks and time management skills.”

Dr. Dennis Pere Alazigha-SMEC

“I personally have benefitted in many ways from working with A/Prof Cholachat Rujikiatkamjorn as my principle supervisor during my PhD. I had strong beliefs of what I want to do for research before coming to UOW. However, his versatile scientific interests and considerate guidance have helped me to broaden my views and discover the areas that I have a real passion for. I feel that this freedom and creativity to think outside the box have better me as a researcher and helped preparing me to my current position.”

Mr Pankaj Baral – Final Year PhD student

"During my PhD research, Dr Ana Heitor assisted me patiently with my laboratory tests and data interpretation, and gave me a lot of valuable suggestions for improving my skills in writing high quality publications. I could always rely on her timely and thorough feedback that made a big difference to my research experience at UOW, which I appreciate gratefully."

Yujie Qi, Final Year PhD student.

Last reviewed: 28 March, 2017