Externally Funded Projects

Externally Funded Projects

Project LP140100065

Investigators | Indraratna, Sloan, Rujikiatkamjorn, Carter, Potts, Kelly, Sanyal, McIntosh, Vincent, Ryan Funding Amount | $735k
Project Title | Advancement of vacuum pressure application via prefabricated vertical drains for stabilising soft ground

Project LE140100010

Investigators | Indraratna, Sloan, Cassidy, Sheng, Rujikiatkamjorn, Tieu, Carter, Fourie, Khalili, Bouazza, Kodikara, Kwok, Dhanasekar, Mendis, Williams, Uy, Arulrajah, Khabbaz, Shahin, Remennikov, Carraro, Wilson, Krabbenhoft, Gaudin, Nimbalkar, Leo, Russell, Meehan, Grady Funding Amount | $900k
Project Title | National Facility for Cyclic Testing of High-speed Rail (FCTHSR)

Project LP130100839

Investigators | Indraratna, Rujikiatkamjorn, Guo, Kelly, Koelling Funding Amount | $354k
Project Title | Load-Displacement and Consolidation Behaviour of Soft Soils Stabilized by Stone Columns for Transport Infrastructure

Project DP130102217

Investigators | Indraratna, Rujikiatkamjorn, Coop Funding Amount | $342k
Project Title | Densification and Degradation of Rail Ballast under Cyclic Wheel Loading

Project LE130100028

Investigators | Sloan, Randolph, Carter, Sheng, Cassidy, Indraratna, White, Khalili, Williams, Merifield, Kodikara, Airey, Einav, Abbo, Rujikiatkamjorn, Stanier, O'loughlin, Pedroso, Scheuermann, Bui  Funding Amount | $300k
Project Title | Mobile Soft Soil In-situ Testing Laboratory

Project LE130100006

Investigators | Gates, Haque, Indraratna, Liyanapathirana, Arulrajah, Selomulya, Sanjayan, Krabbenhoft, Rujikiatkamjorn, Cas, Leo, Oh, Evans, Lyamin Narsilio, Yuen Funding Amount | $500k
Project Title | X-ray Microscopy Facility for Imaging Geo-materials (XMFIG)

Project LP120200531

Investigators | Indraratna, Cameron, Rujikiatkamjorn, Vinod, Chan, Pitman, Cooper, Burke Funding Amount | $349k
Project Title | The role of root suction and reinforcement by vegetation on the stabilisation of slopes and transport corridors

Project LP110200447

Investigators | Indraratna, Rujikiatkamjorn, Vinod, Sivakumar, Armstrong, McIntosh, Morrison Funding Amount | $455k
Project Title | Cyclic Behaviour of Unstable Soils Stabilised by Lignosulfonate with Special Reference to Rapid Transport Infrastructure

Project CE110001009

Investigators | Sloan, Cassidy, Randolph, Carter, Sheng, Indraratna, White, Krabbenhoft, Lyamin, Gaudin, Merifield Funding Amount | $1470k
Project Title | ARC Centre of Excellence for Geotechnical Science and Engineering

Project DP1092483

Investigators | Indraratna, Rujikiatkamjorn, Liu, Chu Funding Amount | $366k
Project Title | Laboratory and Theoretical Investigation of Soft Clay Behaviour under Cyclic Loading Stabilised by Prefabricated Vertical Drains

Project LP100200265

Investigators | Indraratna, Rujikiatkamjorn, Vinod, Dunne, Ameratunga, Berthier, McIntosh, Blunden, Chu. Funding Amount | $431k
Project Title | Geotechnical Properties and Compaction Characteristics of Granular Wastes as Potential Port Reclamation Fill.

Project LP10100236

Investigators | Indraratna, Zhu, Yang, Nemcik. Funding Amount | $178k
Project Title | Study of Coupled Water-Gas-Sediment (three-phase) Flows through Jointed and Stratified Rock

Project LP0989534

Investigators | Leo, Indraratna, Zou, Rujikiatkamjorn, Golaszewski, Mcwilliam, Wong, Bergado.Funding Amount | $210k 

Project LP0883244

Investigators | Indraratna, Rujikiatkamjorn, Buys, Wijeyakulasuriya, Kelly, McIntosh, Ler Funding Amount | $785k
Project Title | Advancement of vacuum pressure application via prefabricated vertical drains for stabilising soft ground


Investigators | Indraratna et al.  Funding Amount | $310k
Project Title | Investigation of chemical clogging in a permeable reactive barrier (PRB) installed for remediating groundwater from acid sulphate soils


Investigators | Indraratna, Nghiem, Glamore, Reddi, Golab  Funding Amount | $253k
Project Title | Study of coupled water-gas-sediment (three-phase) flows through jointed and stratified rock

CRC Rail Innovation

Investigators | Indraratna, Rujikiatkamjorn, Neville Funding Amount | $550k Indraratna et al.
Project Title | Field monitoring of track behaviour and the study of synthetic inclusions in an experimental track section to minimise the adverse effects of high cyclic and impact loads.

CRC Rail Innovation

Investigators | Indraratna et al. Funding Amount | $750k
Project Title | Integrated Ballast-Formation-Track Design and Analysis including the Implications of Ballast Fouling and High Impact Loads.

CRC Rail Innovation

Investigators | Rujikiatkamjorn, Indraratna and Khabbaz Funding Amount | 300k 
Project Title | Development and validation of non-destructive ballast and formation condition assessment. 



Last reviewed: 23 October, 2014