ARC Centre of Excellence


Centre GRE as part of ARC Centre of Excellence for Geotechnical Science and Engineering

The ARC Centre of Excellence (ARC COE) for Geotechnical Science and Engineering was established in 2011 through the award of an Australian Research Council (ARC) grant worth over $15 million, and the Centre is expected to operate and grow over 7 years with further cash funding from industry expected in the near future.

Currently, cash funding for the COE includes ARC funding, industry and University contributions and NSW Science Leveraging funds. The main activities of the Centre will be developed around the two main themes, Energy and Transportation.

ARC COE was formed by the merging of the 3 most active and successful geotechnical research centres in Australia:

The Centre would focus on large scale laboratory experiments and field testing, advanced computational methods and offshore geotechnical engineering.  The Centre, for the first time in Australia, will bring together experimental and numerical researchers as a cohesive national team whose combined strengths will create a powerful capability in understanding and application of Geomechanics. University of Wollongong researchers will lead exciting projects in the fields of transport infrastructure and ground improvement.

Opportunities for research students at the international leading edge of Geotechnical Engineering will open up.  A major outreach program will be developed to bring this exciting field to the public.

Last reviewed: 23 October, 2014