Graduate Qualities

Graduate Qualities

Studying at this University means that you will develop the distinctive qualities of a University of Wollongong graduate. These qualities will develop as a result of interacting with teachers, other students, course resources, the community and your professional experiences. Developing these qualities enables you to take on your role in society and to become a valued professional.

It is important that students have the opportunity to develop the University of Wollongong Graduate Qualities so that they can become informed and responsible and to be an independent learner, problem solver and effective communicator.

The following pages outline each of the five graduate qualities and provide you with links to information and resources that will assist you consider ways you can support student development of the graduate qualities through the learning activities you coordinate, the assessment tasks you design and the professional experiences you facilitate.

Each Quality has its own page:

  • Informed
  • Independent
  • Problem Solver 
  • Effective Communicator 
  • Responsible 

Information on the development and implementation of the University of Wollongong Graduate Qualities can be found in the Graduate Qualities Policy



Last reviewed: 24 July, 2018