Online Tutorial Enrolments Spring 2017 (Wollongong Campus Only)

Tutorials = Practicals, tutorials, workshops, computer labs etc.
Engineering Schools

1st year Engineering subjects will open Wednesday 19 July (details will be sent to you via SOLSMail on Tuesday 18 July)

School Subjects Opening Date
Civil, Mining and Environmental CIVL, MINE, ENVE, some ENGG 200, 300, 400 level subjects From Wednesday 19 July
Electrical, Computer and Telecommunications ECTE 200, 300, 400 level subjects From Tuesday 18 July
Mechanical, Materials and Mechatronics MECH, MATE, some ENGG 200, 300, 400 level subjects From Wednesday 19 July


School of Computing and Information Technology
Subjects Opening Dates
All subjects CSCI, CSIT, INFO, ISIT, MICT, MTS From Tuesday 18 July
School of Mathematics and Statistics
Subjects Opening Dates
All subjects MATH, STAT From Tuesday 18 July
School of Physics
Subjects Opening Dates
All subjects PHYS subjects except PHYS143 (Moodle enrolment) From Wednesday 19 July
General information for all Students
  • You must be enrolled in a subject before you can enrol into a tutorial. A “provisional” enrolment status in the subject will still allow you to enrol in the tutorial
  • Lectures commence from the first week. Please refer to your timetable for tutorial, workshops and lab start dates
  • The online tutorial enrolment system operates on a "first-in" basis
  • You will only be able to enrol in ONE tutorial/workshop or computer lab for each subject. However, if a subject has more than one tutorial that you must attend (ie.Tutorial A, Tutorial B), you must enrol in one of each
  • If you want to change tutorials, you can use the transfer option to transfer into another tutorial (must be the same group type). This way you won't lose the place in the tutorial you were initially enrolled in until you have committed to your next preferred one
  • When you withdraw from a subject, you are automatically withdrawn from its’ associated tutorial, workshop or computer laboratory.
  • Once you have enrolled in your tutorials you can view your selection in SOLS
  • Only subjects with more than one tutorial require online enrolment. You do not need to enrol in your lecture (if applicable)
  • If a subject isn't listed, please attend the first class for information on tutorials
  • Refer to the subject outline for details on who to contact for any matters related to tutorials, workshops or computer laboratories (including timetable clashes)
  • You must only attend the tutorial, workshops and lab classes for which you are enrolled in

If your preferred group is no longer available, you will be required to choose another group. Please contact the Subject Coordinator (details can be found via the EIS Staff Finder)

Last reviewed: 10 July, 2017