Centre for Medical Radiation Physics (CMRP)

CMRP Geant4-based research

Geant4 is a Monte Carlo Simulation Toolkit describing the interactions of particles with matter. It is widely used in radiation physics research, from High Energy Physics to medical physics and space science.

At the Centre For Medical Radiation Physics Geant4 is widely used to:

  • Investigate new radiotherapy treatments,
  • Improve existing radiotherapy treatments,
  • Design and optimise detector technology,
  • Investigate new diagnostic imaging solutions.

The CMRP Geant4 group is managed by Prof. A. B. Rosenfeld, Dr. S. Guatelli and Dr. D. Cutajar. The administration officer is K. Ford. 

More detailed information on the CMRP Geant4 group and research activities can be found in the following links:


Past Geant4 events organised by CMRP:

2013 2nd Australian Geant4 School and Monte Carlo Workshop 

2011 1st Australian Geant4 School and Workshop


2nd Geant4 School and Monte Carlo Workshop, CMRP, UOW, April 2013

Last reviewed: 22 April, 2016