The Centre for Coastal Reservoir Research (CCRR) at the University of Wollongong (UOW) is the world 1st research centre in coastal reservoir (CR) research. CR is a technology that harvest floodwater from the sea before seawater mixes and pollutes the freshwater. CR is a freshwater reservoir inside the seawater, one side of its dam is freshwater, the other side is seawater. CR can be used for water supply, flood mitigation, energy storage, even wastewater treatment to protect coastal environment (i.e., to prevent red tide, etc). Australia and Netherland constructed their CRs in 1930s. Hong Kong is the first city whose drinking water comes from its CR without desalination. Currently Shanghai’s CR is the largest in the world for about 1.3 million people’s water supply. CCRR is leading the world in CR’s development and our research outcomes include CR’s feasibility study and design of CR’s layout, water quality/quality simulation, monitoring, dike design and hydraulic structural modeling, environmental impacts assessment and its social impacts’ analysis. The group members are actively engaged in a number of fundamental and applied research projects in collaboration across the world with industries in various areas of water industry, geotechnical/structural engineering, energy pipeline, coastal flood management, urban designers/planers. This research covers all aspects of engineering and management. Our objective is to drive scientific approaches to CR’s optimal design and implementation by focusing on achieving sustainable development for coastal communities.

CCRR has developed very strong capability for CRs’ development like hydrodynamic modelling, online monitoring, FBR application etc. which covers water resources engineering, hydrology, hydraulics, water quality engineering, coastal engineering, structural/geotechnical engineering, signal process and statistical data modelling, condition prediction, diagnosis and prognostics, process simulation and optimisation. CCRR has real practices in research for dam design, sedimentation in reservoirs, wetland pretreatment and purification, etc. . These include a range of activities from reviewing existing CR projects worldwide. CCRR has become a world leader for future CR development. CCRR has hosted the 1st International workshop on CRs, and also the headquarter of International Association for Coastal Reservoir Research. CCRR is concerned with the planning and control of all CR-related activities to ensure that all CRs’ performance meets the intended strategy. All aspects related to CR life cycle activities from concept to disposal are crucial to the success of an organisation. These activities are naturally both interdisciplinary and interrelated.

Last reviewed: 6 February, 2018