Applied Statistics Education and Research Collaboration

 Statisticians working together


The Applied Statistics Education and Research Collaboration (ASEARC) project was established to develop effective collaboration between statistics groups at the universities of Newcastle, Wollongong and Western Sydney. The aim of the project is to:

  • jointly develop and deliver subjects and courses;
  • form a graduate program to improve the research environment for Higher Degree Research students, through shared seminars, training in research methods, workshops and supervision;
  • improve research at each institution by operating as a research centre, with shared seminar programs, staff development, workshops and mentoring;
  • enable increased consulting and training by creating a larger pool of staff and skills available for industry. 
In practical terms, the ASEARC project endeavours to:
  • Deliver tuition by subject matter experts to other participating institutions through interactive media.
  • Provide mentoring to other staff from subject matter experts.
  • Explore opportunities offered by new technology for the storage, exchange, and delivery of information and data amongst the participating institutions.
  • Increase consultancy prospects through greater knowledge and expertise.