High School Competitions

High School STEM Competitions

We are pleased to bring you UOW's 2017 High Schools STEM Competitions.

Senior High School Competitions

Changes to Senior High School Competitions

In 2017, we will not be running the NSW Senior High School Competitions ie: NSW Year 11 & 12 Engineering Studies, Design & Technology, and Industrial Technology Competitions, nor the two ACT Senior STEM Competitions. The University of Wollongong will refocus its efforts to grow and widen our outreach in STEM by expanding the Junior STEM High School Competitions in the Years 7 to 10 categories, including the ACT.

We are committed to collaborating on STEM Education with local schools and students including Year 11 and Year 12 students. Please click here for more STEM Outreach opportunities.

Junior High School Competitions

The following Junior STEM and iSTEM Competitions will be running in 2017.  More information on the requirements of each competition will be available here at the end of April.

  • NSW & ACT STEM Competitions | Year 7 & 8
  • NSW & ACT STEM Competitions | Year 9 & 10
  • NSW & ACT iSTEM Competitions | Year 9 & 10

Latest News and Competition Updates

2016 STEM Competitions

Major Award Winners

2016 STEM Presentation Photos

Photos from the various STEM Presentations are on display on the Faculty of Engineering and Information Sciences' Facebook page (facebook.com/uoweis).