Distinguished Professor Anatoly Rozenfeld; MSc Ph.D.;
Semiconductor and scintillator radiation detectors.  Radiation Dosimetry/microdosimetry/nanodosimetry applied to medical physics , radiation protection including space and high energy physics . Proton and Heavy ion therapy.

Administrative Staff

Karen Ford - PA for Professor Rozenfeld and Administration Officer

Academic Staff

Prof Peter Metcalfe; BSc, PhD;
Radiotherapy physics: IMRT, VMAT, Tomotherapy; radiobiological optimisation in TPS; dosimetry

Prof Brian Hutton; BSc, PhD;
Nuclear Medicine, medical imaging, image reconstruction

A/Prof Bill Zealey BSc, PhD;
Medical imaging, astronomy and astrophysics.

A/Prof Michael Lerch; BSc, PhD.;
Solid state physics, optical and nuclear spectroscopy, medical applications of semiconductor devices, scintillators.

Dr Susanna Guatelli; PhD;
Monte Carlo method for dosimetry, microdosimetry, nanodosimetry, radiation protection, medical physics applications.

Dr George Takacs; BSc, PhD;
Monte Carlo Simulations of radiation detectors, Infra Red spectroscopy.

Dr Yujin Qi; PhD;
Nuclear medicine,gamma camera instrumentation, molecular imaging, radiation detectors.

Dr Enbang Li; PhD;

Dr Alessandra Malaroda; PhD;

Dr Marco Petasecca; PhD;
Semiconductor detectors, nuclear electronics, readout electronics for medical dosimetry

Dr Dean Cutajar; BSc, MSc, PhD;
Radiation detectors and simulations for radiotherapy and diagnostic imaging applications

Dr Mitra Safavi-Naeini; BSc, MSc, PhD;
PET instrumentation, Image reconstruction

Dr Elise Pogson; PhD
Medical Physics, Imaging for Breast Cancer, and Spectroscopy 

Dr Michael Weaver;
Semiconductor detectors, Nuclear electronics and interfacing for medical dosimetry, and mechanical design

A/Prof Rodney Vickers; BSc, PhD;
Optical properties of semiconductors, semiconductor physics

Dr Phil Simmonds; BSc, PhD.;
Nanoscale physics-phenomena

Dr Jagdish Mathur; MSc, MDPG;
Nuclear Physics (Reactor Engineering Physics) and Medical Physics.

Illawarra Cancer Care Centre (ICCC), Wollongong Hospital Adjunct Academic Staff

A/Prof Martin Carolan; BSc, PhD
Chief Physicist, Illawarra Cancer Care Centre, Wollongong Hospital;
BNCT, nuclear medicine, Monte Carlo calculations applied to radiation dosimetry, semiconductor dosimetry.

Dr Steven Harvey
Medical Physicist, Department of Nuclear Medicine, Wollongong Hospital;
Multimodality image fusion, lung SPECT, anatomical phantom development, shielding design, dose reduction via image enhancement.

Dr Bradley Oborn; BSc, MSc, PhD;
Monte Carlo Modelling in MRI.

Technical Staff

Peter Ihnat; BE (Elec) BSc (Phys);
Electronics, single chip micros, programming, music, astronomy, anything technical.

Terry Braddock  
Radiation detectors for teaching, radiation instrumentation

CMRP Honorary Staff – Clinical Medical Physics

Prof Barry J. Allen; BSc, PhD, DSc; Conjoint Professor University of Western Sydney

Radiation oncology, medical physics, targeted alpha therapy, BNCT.

Dr Nick Hardcastle, PhD Medical Physicist

Radiotherapy Physics, dosimetry

A/Prof Stefan Eberl; PhD;
Principal Physicist, Department of Nuclear Medicine, RPAH

A/Prof Roger Fulton; PhD;

Prof Tomas Kron; PhD;
Principal Medical Physics, Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre Physical Sciences Department, Radiotherapy Physics, TLD, Radiotherapy physics, dosimetry, TLD, clinical trials

Prof Steve Meikle; PhD;
Brain and Mind Research Institute, University of Sydney;
PET, SPECT, dynamic imaging, PET isotope production

A/Prof Yang Wang; PhD; 
Radiation dosimetry, film dosimetry, IMRT, planning

Dr Stephanie Corde-Tehei; BSc, PhD;
Deputy Director of Radiation Oncology Medical Physics, Prince of Wales Hospital, Randwick

Dr Lois Holloway; Ph.D.;
Research Physicist, Liverpool Hospital, Department of Medical Physics; Radiobiology modeling, radiation therapy, IMRT.

CMRP Honorary Staff – Clinical Radiation Oncology Physicians 

Prof Michael Jackson;
Director of Radiation Oncology, Prince of Wales Hospital, Randwick
Radiation Oncology, Brachytherapy, Proton Therapy, Hypothermia

Prof Judy Freund;
Director of Nuclear Medicine, St Vincent Hospital;
Nuclear Medicine Cardiology and Imaging

Prof Monica Rossleigh;
Director, Nuclear Medicine Department, Prince of Wales Hospital;
Medical Imaging, SPECT, Gamma Camera

CMRP Honorary Staff – Industry

Prof David Cohen; BSc, PhD;
ANSTO; microprobe and synchrotron radiation.

Prof James Tickner; BSc, PhD;
Monte Carlo simulations, Radiation Detectors Instrumentation , Homeland security

Dr Mark Reinhard; BSc, PhD;
Australian Nuclear Science and Technology Organisation;
Radiation damage in silicon detectors, microdosimetry.

A/Prof Greg Kaplan; MSc, PhD; Ingham Institute for Medical Research Hadron therapy, dosimetry , radiobiology

Dr. Peter Bradley; BSc, MSc, PhD
Medical Research Engineer Mitel Semiconductor, Medical Business Unit, San Diego, USA;
Microdosimetry, semiconductor dosimetry, wireless medical devices.

CMRP Honorary Staff – International

Prof Alex Gektin;MSc, PhD, DSc
Institute for Scintillator Materials and AMCRYS-H, Ukraine;
Scintillator materials and scintillator radiation detectors

Prof Wolfgang Tome; BSc, PhD;
Albert Einstein Medical College, USA;
Biomathematical Modeling of Cancer Treatments, Risk Adaptive Radiotherapy, Incorporation of bioeffect parameters into the Inverse Planning Process 4D Patient Management, Incorporation of Advanced Imaging Techniques into the Radiation Theapy Treatment Planning Process, Image guided and bioeffect parameter guided Sterotactic Body Radiotherpay, Further Development and refinement of Optically Guided Fractionated Stereotactic Radiotherapy (3D Conformal, IMRT)

Prof Yigal Horowitz; BSc, PhD
Ben Gurion University
Theory of TLD, nanodosimetry with TLD

Prof Gustavo Garcia; PhD; Instituto de Matemáticas y Física Fundamental. CSIC, Madrid, Spain; Radiation damage in molecules, Monte Carlo simulations, nanodosimetry

Prof Andrew Wroe; BSc, PhD; Loma Linda University Medical Centre; Proton therapy , microdosimetry , Monte Carlo simulations  

Last reviewed: 27 January, 2016